Travel packing tips

Travel packing tips

So that your belongings arrive in good condition to your final destination, we offer these Travel packing tipsTravel packing tips

Travel packing tips

  • Fragile items, wrap them with bubble wrap to prevent breakage and mark them with “fragile” labels to avoid injury
  • Only use rigid cartons in good condition with all edges intact.
  • Do not exceed the weight specifications for your box.
  • Make sure the packaging is not damaged in any way (used or damaged boxes can lose 30% to 60% of their strength) and that all flaps are intact boxes. Close and seal the boxes to prevent dust.
  • Use transparent or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape or paper that is at least 5 centimeters wide.
    If liquids are sent, make sure the containers are hermetically sealed.
  • If the box contains more than one object, wrap each separately.
  • Put a layer of cushioning material at least 5cm deep in the bottom of the box. The most delicate and heavier items will require more cushioning in the bottom, sides and top of the box.

Travel packing tips

Holidays are the time of year when families travel to bond, share and build beautiful memories together. During the year, parents are busy at work and children are busy with school. Some families go out of town or sometimes even abroad. Before leaving, everyone has to make sure everything they need is packed.

There are a lot of concerns that come to people when they go on a trip. Perhaps the most common restriction that families experience carrying large over weighted bags. The obvious solution is to pack light ones. However this seems an impossible task, given the number of suits and equipment needed for a family in a vacation. So the question is: how can I make my luggage lighter for a vacation?

These are some reasonable Travel packing tips that worth considering.

know where you are going

Most of the time, families who live in warm climates want to spend their winter holidays in countries where they can enjoy winter sports and activities. If your family is about to go on a winter trip, this means you need to wear thick jackets to keep you warm, extra clothes, and some equipment to make it perfect. This most likely take lots of luggage. However, it would be a good idea to rent the equipment you need from where you are going instead of carrying them with you.

Plan your everyday outfits

put together your outfit for each day. If you’re going to stay there for a long period of time, then you will need to wash and reuse your clothes. This will help decrease the amount of clothing you need to carry. choose a collection of colors that you can mix and match different choices with your footwear and accessories. It is always good to plan activities in advance so you can bring the right clothing for each. Make sure you have casual, sporty and semi-formal attire.


Everyone wants to look their best, but that does not mean you need to wear a lot of accessories. Prioritize the things that will be needed more and think twice about everything else. Bring versatile clothes that can be used in a variety of occasions.

Travel packing tips

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