Money saving tips

Money saving tips

Money saving ideas


Money saving tips: I’ve always been a natural saver, since childhood I have been taught to save money and I keep practicing. I do not think you can call me stingy, I’ll tell you why.

Money saving ideas

In this post I’ll tell you how to save money fast with more than 20 tips and tricks I’ve learned, along with others I’ve found.

When you spend your money on unnecessary things, you won’t have enough for other necessities. For example, in my case, I do not buy lots of clothes, no mixed drinks (occasionally I buy a beer) and I don’t buy the newest technologies, ( iPhone, tablet or television. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini since 3 years which helps me to do everything).

advice and tips to save money

Saving has allowed me to do other less common things, the most important: traveling. When I was 15, I spent 200 euros I had saved to go to Germany, and later to Italy, then to other countries.

Moreover, I never deprived myself of going to the gym, tennis lessons, snowboard, or from being a volunteer in an NGO.

It has also allowed me to buy my workshops or courses for training quite expensive. And something that can make a difference; providing enough money for my family do not have to buy on credit and the bank takes your money.

Those are just some of the advantages of not spending money on unnecessary things. If you’re smart, you will resist and will keep saving money to spend on what really will makes you happy, things that are expensive but worthwhile.

It is also recommended that you have a “cushion” in case something unexpected happens, such as illness, accident, damage to your home, car etc…

You do not have the habit of saving?

If you’re not used to save, the first thing you need to do is give up those little “luxuries”.

But if you realize, that cup of 5 euros on Saturday will not give you happiness, nor the latest model of smartphone, or a new car. Life experiences are what really make you happy; traveling, sports, dancing, meeting people, singing, reading, watching movies, playing games, talking with friends, going out …
Start spending your money on what really makes you happy, you need to eliminate those irregular unnecessary expenses, which in fact, you can absolutely do without.

Expenses that can be eliminated:

  • Gifts.
  • Clothing.
  • Vitamins, nutritional supplements that are not necessary for your health.
  • Products for nails, hair or makeup.
  • Journals.
  • Newspapers.
  • Gasoline if you can walk or bike.

Expenses that cannot be removed (but where you can save money by changing habits):

  • Food.
  • Phone.
  • Transport.
  • Hygiene products.
  • Entertainment: hanging out, gym, courses …
  • Household bills, car …
  • Insurance.

25 Advice and tips

how to save money fast – Money saving ideas

1-Do not use credit card

it makes spending money easier. paying cash makes you feel that you are losing money.

2-Write down your expenses

When you write down everything you pay, make the count at the end of the month, you will know how much you need and put these expenses aside each month.

Leave the extra money in your bank account. And never use the credit card.

3-change your Bank

There are banks that give better interest and charge less fees for an open account and credit card. Find one and start dealing with it.

4- Do not buy unnecessary things

How many things you have but don’t actually use in your house?

You should be able to know what is really necessary, what you can’t live without. Only necessities are worth paying for. Don’t buy things and throw them in a drawer or closet and never use them.

5- Get used to compare prices

When you need to buy something, don’t go directly to the first item you find! Look for multiple options, compare prices and brands, look for the best quality possible with the price that suits your budget.

If you have enough time, look it up on the internet and search for the best offers, look for markets offering sales or special offers, or wait for the sales seasons and find what you need for the lowest price.

7-shop in different supermarkets and record your expenses

Try different markets and shops for your daily or weekly shopping list, write down what you pay in each shop and compare to find the cheapest.

7-Learn the rule “15 days”

Give yourself 15 days before buying anything you may consider as necessary. This will allow you to think and rethink, may be you will find out that it is not as important as you first thought. Hold on to the word “I need” and think if this item you want to buy is worthy of it.

8-Sign up for rewards programs

There are shops, gas stations or other services that have programs which offers you points each time you buy something. When you reach a certain number of points you can get a reward, an amount of money to spend in the same shop, or you may have a bonus of free items.

9-Make your own gifts

Instead of buying expensive gifts, make them yourself, be creative and make a low cost special gift.

10- Make a shopping list before going to the supermarket.

Write down what you need to buy, and stick to the list. Do not buy anything not listed. That way you will limit your expenses.

11- Eat at home

Social life is very important, and it is recommended that you go out, play sports, attend some event, go for a walk, see your friends, etc. but having meals outside may be expensive, junk food is unhealthy, so make your meal at home, it will be low cost and a healthy meal that you will definitely enjoy. Control your cravings and don’t surrender for an ice-cream, a hot dog or a chocolate, keep fit and don’t spend your money.

12-Get rid of unnecessary things

Actually, this will make you money. Anything you don’t use, or you don’t need, put them all together and make a garage sale. Invite people to buy your unwanted stuff and make money out of it. Stop piling things up on the shelves. Pile money in your pocket instead.

Sure this won’t bring you a big deal of money, but still, better than never.

13-Use a bike or walk

If you work nearby, it’s better if you get a bike or just walk to work. That allows you to use economic & healthy transportation, respects the environment, stay fit, and avoid traffic jams.

14-Abandon expensive and unhealthy habits

Alcohol and smoking are unhealthy and expensive habits. And you pay taxes for them. Cut them off your shopping list and see how much money you will save.

15-Eat less

This advice would be just perfect if you have weight problems or want to lose weight.

Don’t listen to your cravings, eat only when you are hungry, and don’t eat until you’re too full.

16- Turn off lights and appliances

Remember to turn off lights and electric appliances when you’re not using them.

Your electricity bills will be lower, your money will be saved.

17- Install LED lights

LED lights are good for the environment and they spend little energy.

They’re more expensive to buy but eventually they will save you bill money.

18- Buy products that will make the minimum cost

Products that consume less energy, are of good quality, and have warranty.

Always investigated and compared. For views, you have platforms like Amazon or ciao know where the experiences that other people have had with a product.

19-Do not wait for things to break

Be the handy man, keep fixing your stuff. Don’t let things become too damaged to be used.

20- Do not shop to relief your stress

Shopping can be the best thing you do after having a bad day. But you will regret it later, believe me. So try to find something better to relief your stress, make some yoga, go for a walk, go to the beach! You have tens of other choices that do not cost you money.

21- Always check your balance

You can do it online. Almost all banks have e-banking systems to make it easier for you to check and manage your accounts. You should always check your account to avoid banking errors, those might cost you lots of money!

22- Buy seasonal clothing at sales times

Seasonal clothing is much more expensive. Clothes for the summer are always in sale in winter, and those of winter are always cheaper in the summer. Make your plans. This will save your money.

23- Make a list of priorities

If you have so many expenses and you do not know where to start, take a pen and paper and make a list of priorities.

You will be aware of what is most important and can eliminate expenses that are not essential.


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