Exercise tips

Exercise tips

Exercise tips: The first days of the year are always key for deciding marked certain purposes. One of the most repeated is always exercising. Gyms ‘make a killing’ in the middle of January, but many of the goals that are marked enthusiasts earlier this month, fail or Twelfth Night.

Exercise tips

Exercise tips

To not fall on deaf ears expectations lifestyle change has to be consistent and realistic. . To this Dr. Beatriz Pascual Martinez, Area Director of Health and Sport at the European University, has developed the Decalogue to succeed for the purpose of exercising ‘rather die trying’:

‘Choose your sport’: No matter how fashionable it is the ‘running’ may not be your thing. Do not be misled by fads. Everything will depend on your experience with exercise to date. Consider how prepared you are to your body for the activity you raise you make, Set yourself realistic goals as the basis of preparation which parts.

‘Prepare the dictionary’: TRX, HIT, Crossfit, Zumba … New activities, indoor or outdoor practices have convoluted names that can lead you to mistake. You will have to inform you to find what you’re looking for.

‘Dosifícate’: Who much covers little squeeze, the saying goes, so do not give it all at the beginning or you might miss nothing … Start small and give time to your body and mind for the new routine to get used . The sobresfuerzo can backfire and end your purpose. Patience!

‘Your fuel: a correct diet’: Your body will need a balanced diet that gives you enough energy for the routine. Along with rest, compenen the “invisible training ‘.

‘Establish a formal and lasting relationship’: Your relationship with sport can not be ephemeral. Take care to last long, just so you get what you propose. Ponte short- term but a long-conform; It will help to maintain the illusion of the first day until assimilate practice as a routine exercise.

‘Integra sport in your life and not your life in sport’: Avoid going from sedentary to obsession (and hence the frequent injuries). Something as simple as walking or bicycle tour can be part of the plan, and serve as the perfect complement to the more ‘intense’ activities. No you should pound!

‘Listen to the signals your body sends you’: Our body communicates with us and we must learn to listen and respect our limits. Taking a short break when we feel ‘loaded’ can prevent spend a long time in dry dock. Also, do not forget about the phases of heating or stretching, to accommodate the body keys to our new lifestyle.

‘Prepare the backpack’: Proper footwear, comfortable and breathable clothing. Increasingly options that we provide brands, aware of the benefits of the sport in all aspects of life. But without getting ripped off, not always better is the most expensive, compare and equip you need for your level.

‘You go to the physiotherapist’: If symptoms begin, do not let it accumulate. You go to a physical therapist to prevent injuries. The human body is the most accurate machine on the planet. Put yourself in the hands of professionals to care for your body in case of injury. It is important to recover properly and with the necessary time before returning to the sporting dynamics.

‘Do not blame the Magi’ You are the protagonist of this story. You can ask in your letter to their Majesties but as you are no longer a child, you have to take the initiative … Any time is good to start your new lifestyle, so the sooner you get, the better!

Exercise tips

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